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Canadian Children’s Annual 1980

Canadian Children’s Annual 1980
by various Canadian authors

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: children’s book; Canadian classic
Format: large format paperback; 176 pages; colour and black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Cover by D. P. Brown, "Young Canadian"
Poster: "The City of Criij in the Kingdom of Zuud"

Let's get physical! This issue celebrates movement and outdoor exploration with articles on gymnastics, yoga and caves. From the world's great caves, the reader is introduced to the kinds of animals that live there, as well as to Canada's own Castleguard Cave - the country's longest and third deepest!

Read about the history of balloons (the large ones like that belonging to the Wizard of Oz), Arctic winter games, the wild horses of Canada, and the secret of Oak Island (where hidden treasures may still be buried). An article about the mummies of Egypt is complemented by the story of the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb.

The issue also includes another original Susan Super Sleuth mystery, and pages and pages of poems and puzzles.