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The Jatakas: Times and Lives of Bodhisattva

The Jatakas: Times and Lives of Bodhisattva
by Alexandra R. Kapur-Fic

Publisher: Abhinav Publications
Genre: religion
Format: hardbound; 596 pages; 8 colour plates; bibliography and index
Price: $51.50


A scholarly account of a number of important topics concerning Buddhism and the Buddha including:
• The Jatakas - legends of the Buddha's previous lives
• An examination of the apotropaic and esoteric aspects of Buddhism
• A study of the Doctrine of Karma and Rebirth


This book would be of particular interest to students of comparative religions.

Born and educated in India, the author has an MA in political science. After moving to Canada, Ms. Kapur-Fic taught political science, anthropology, and race relations at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario.