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Canadian Children’s Annual 1977

Canadian Children’s Annual 1977
by various Canadian authors

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: children’s book; Canadian classic
Format: large format paperback; 176 pages; colour and black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Cover by Toller Cranston, "By the Light of the White-winged Tiger"
Poster: Gypsy Joe's World

The past, the future and lots of fantasy mix in this edition of the Annual.

In addition to the illustrated short stories, poetry and comics, there are articles on photography, the origins of the Hudson's Bay Company, kites, 747 jumbo planes, the pyramids, General Isaac Brock, Galileo, and the deaf-blind alphabet.

Instructions on how to make a simple home telescope accompany an article on an observatory. The Gypsy Joe's World poster complements a thrilling colour Gypsy Joe comic (from the year 2076).