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I was a Catholic Zionist

I was a Catholic Zionist
by Ted Schmidt

Publisher: Ted Schmidt
Genre: religion; history; biography & memoirs
Format: paperback; 430 pages; black & white photographs
Price: $28.00

Following three trips to Palestine and years of research, the author documents his journey from a supporter of Zionism to one who is alarmed by what the political movement is doing to Judaism. A former editor of the Catholic New Times, Ted Schmidt traces the history of Zionism from the writings and influence of Theodore Herzl in the late nineteenth century, to the founding of the State of Israel in 1947, to the present day. The book offers the reader well-documented and factual reports of the words and actions taken by some of the important and influential thinkers, and political  and religious leaders of the times. Searching for answers from a biblical perspective and inspired by his Jewish friends and rabbi “teachers”, Schmidt also provides a very personal account of his “reformation”. He comes to agree with Allan Brownfeld of the American Council for Judaism who said: “Zionism was flawed from the beginning as it rejected the dominant spiritual history and essence of Judaism.”


What people are saying about this book:
“… Ted Schmidt has written a clear-eyed, deeply moral, and highly readable account of his conversion from an uncritical Christian supporter of Zionism to a passionate advocate for justice for Palestinians. … he writes from a place of profound respect and affection for Jews and a deeply impressive knowledge of Jewish history, politics and theology.” – Sheryl Nestel, Independent Jewish Voices of Canada
“…In plain language [the author] delves into the beginnings, growth and present realities of Zionism and the ongoing devastation it has wreaked on Palestinians. But in his research he also discovered modern-day prophets–Jews of Conscience–who are heartsick at what is being done in their name.” – Fr. Bob Holmes, CSB, member of the Christian Peacemaker Team
“… Never vindictive and always scrupulously fair, Schmidt shares the clear evidence that has brought him out of the darkness to see what has been wrought by Zionism on the Palestinian people and the real damage done to justice internationally.”  – Robert Massoud, founder of Beit Zatoun, Toronto-based art gallery & culture centre
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