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Frequently Asked Questions

placing new authors and ideas into your hands

Where did you get the company name, The Book Band?
Well, we do handle books - so, that part is easy. The impetus behind The Book Band is to alert the world to the writings of lesser known authors. Like the blast of a trumpet or the roll of the drums - we announce news about our authors and promote their works.

Do you sell music CDs?
No, we do not handle music at this time.

Why do you only represent Canadian authors and publishers?
Because Canada has many of the world's best writers!
There have been university theses done on how the Canadian climate, most significantly its long winters, has influenced our writers and produced a plethora of scribes. Per capita, there is probably not another country with such a proliferation of emerging authors and flourishing small press publishers.

Where is your retail store?
Right here at We can handle book orders from far and near. And it beats having to shovel snow from the front walk after a winter storm! We also attend various local book fairs and cultural events and offer books for sale there.

I visited your booth at a book event and noticed that you had books there that are not in the Bookshop on your website. Why is that?

Thanks for stopping by! Yes, you are correct. Some of our titles are not offered through the Bookshop. This happens for a number of reasons: the publisher or author offers the book on another website and has chosen not to have it on our site; the book is very large or very heavy and would be too expensive to mail; or the publisher/author has elected to have representation at book fairs only. We offer a variety of services to our clients, and they pick and choose which ones suit their particular needs for individual books.

Do you publish books?
No, The Book Band is not a publisher.

I entered a short story contest and have just learned that I won! Do I still own the copyright to the story? Can I send it to another publication?
Unless there is something in the contest rules which specifically states otherwise, copyright remains with the author of the piece. Check the contest rules to ascertain whether the contest organizer is granted first publication rights to the winning entry. If so, you must wait until after your winning story has been published by the event organizers before you can submit it to other publications. Remember, when submitting a previously-published story, you must indicate that it has been published elsewhere and provide the journal name or URL (if published online).