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James Gordon - Pipe Street Songbook

James Gordon - Pipe Street Songbook
by Jack Cooper, Ken Brown and James Gordon, editors

Publisher: BerLen Music Inc.
Genre: music and performing arts; folk songs; Canadiana
Format: large-size paperback; 113 pages; spiral binding; black & white illustrations
Price: $32.00

llustrations by Tanya Williams


A collection of 50 popular and much-requested songs by Canadian composer James Gordon.  The songs in this collection explore historical people, places and events (Frobisher Bay, Mining for Gold), comment on social justice issues (Bomb Them With Butter, There Is No Silent Night), or provide a good laugh (Sweaters for Penguins). Includes comments and stories from Gordon on a number of topics, such as storytelling through song, the responsibility of a songwriter, and developing his songwriting “voice”.

Each song is accompanied by chord and melody notation, and complete guitar fingering charts.  Published in a format that is easy to use.

An excellent choice for the aspiring singer/songwriter and guitarist, as well as for anyone with an interest in the Canadian story.