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Scandalous and Delightful: The Viennese Children 1840-1850

Scandalous and Delightful: The Viennese Children 1840-1850
by Freda Crisp

Publisher: Freda Crisp/The Printing House Ltd.
Genre: music and performing arts; history
Format: paperback; B&W and colour illustrations; 34 pages
Price: $15.00

A well-researched and captivating account of the little-know dance troupe, The Viennese Children, and their teacher, the formidable Madame Weiss. Trained by Weiss at her ballet school in Vienna, the 48 young girls, ranging in age from six to fourteen, toured Europe and England with their enchantingly choreographed dance performances complete with elaborate costumes. In 1846 the troupe travelled by steamship to North America and embarked on a two-year tour of the United States, Canada and Cuba. This is the story of that tour.


A dance teacher and consultant, Freda Crisp received her dance training in Hamilton, Toronto, New York, London and at the Connecticut College School of Dance. She has a BA in Classical Civilization (McMaster University) and an MFA in Dance History (York University).  


What people are saying about this book

“[Freda] is a methodical and determined researcher following up every lead until she is certain that she has all the available information. Her writing is always informative and she is very skilled at telling the story in an entertaining way.” – Mary Jane Warner, Professor Emerita, Dance Department, York University


"What a clear, precise and remarkably compact text. [It] answers just about everything one would want to know about these young dancers ...". - George Jackson, reviewer, danceviewtimes