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And With Thy Spirit

And With Thy Spirit
by April Bulmer

Publisher: Hidden Brook Press
Genre: poetry; April Bulmer
Format: trade paperback; 109 pages
Price: $$19.95

This collection of poems by prolific Canadian poet April Bulmer explores belief in reincarnation, with relation to her own personal experiences. In the book’s Introduction she writes:

     “For years I have had fleeting insights into past lives. In these visions I am a very old and      mostly female soul … I believe we travel in groups, returning again and again to meet the same souls in new contexts and roles.”

 Her poem “Schizophrenia” includes the key to the book’s theme:

          “Lord I am born / again and again / I await the blood / of your coming.” 


And With Thy Spirit was a finalist for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards.


What people are saying about this book

"April Bulmer’s spiritual seeking in her collection, And With Thy Spirit, is compelling … beautiful, disturbing, wistful poems …“Crowns”, “Schizophrenia”, and “There is a Medicine” are particularly strong." – Kate Rogers


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