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And With Thy Spirit

And With Thy Spirit
by April Bulmer

Publisher: Hidden Brook Press
Genre: poetry; April Bulmer
Format: trade paperback; 109 pages
Price: $$19.95

Finalist, 2017 The Next Generation Indie Book Awards (US) in the Spirituality category.

This collection of poems by Canadian poet April Bulmer explores belief in reincarnation, with relation to her own personal experiences. In the book’s Introduction she writes:
     “For years I have had fleeting insights into past lives. In these visions I am a very old and      mostly female soul … I believe we travel in groups, returning again and again to meet the same souls in new contexts and roles.”
The sub-title of this collection is “a jolt from the comfortable edges of spiritual inertia.”
Her poem “Schizophrenia” includes the key to the book’s theme:
          “Lord I am born / again and again / I await the blood / of your coming.” 


What people are saying about this book

"April Bulmer’s spiritual seeking in her collection, And With Thy Spirit, is compelling … beautiful, disturbing, wistful poems …“Crowns”, “Schizophrenia”, and “There is a Medicine” are particularly strong." – Kate Rogers, Canadian poet and English professor (retired)

“Reading April Bulmer’s poetry is a rewarding experience. She is a poet and person worth knowing. Read, enjoy, and be moved.” – Jack Livesley, writer, teacher, former TV host



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