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Paislee and the Talking Tree

Paislee and the Talking Tree
by Bruce Simpson

Publisher: BRS Press
Genre: children's and young adult
Format: paperback; colour illustrations; 30 pages
Price: $20.00 (CAN)

Illustrations by Rae Bates


Written by a kindergarten teacher and singer/songwriter, this story tells of a wondrous relationship between Paislee and Sugar, the talking tree in her neighbourhood. Paislee learns that trees CAN talk to people who are willing to listen. 
A charming children’s book which illustrates that, when we stop and listen to others, it’s easy to make friends.
Parents and youngsters, as well as primary school teachers, will enjoy visiting the author's website which features a song based on the story.
In 2022, Simpson had the book translated into sign language and a video created (without audio) for the benefit of young deaf readers. The video can be accessed at:

On February 28, 2022 the CBC ran a news story online about the sign language version of the book, and how Simpson has also done a Braille version which will be on deposit at CELA for lending through Canadian libraries via the interlibrary loan system. The full story can be accessed at: