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Tragedy & Triumph: Ruby & Thomas B. McQuesten

Tragedy & Triumph: Ruby & Thomas B. McQuesten
by Mary J. Anderson

Publisher: Tierceron Press
Genre: history
Format: hardcover; black and white photographs; colour plates; 336 pages
Price: $25.00

Includes: bibliography and index

The story of the McQuesten family of Hamilton, Ontario is a story of determination and resilience, love and sacrifice, sorrow and success. Faced with raising six children on few resources following the bankruptcy and death of her husband, the matriarch of this Canadian Victorian family devised a plan for restoring the family’s wealth, power and prestige. Daughter Ruby, a talented artist, used her earnings from her teaching position to educate Thomas, the fifth child and youngest son. Thomas B. McQuesten became a lawyer and an influential cabinet minister in the provincial parliament. His achievements as Minister of Highways and Chairman of the Niagara Parks Commission are still in evidence throughout Ontario today.
Through letters, photographs and well-researched discussion, Mary J. Anderson guides the reader to an understanding of the sacrifices made by Ruby, of the determination and will of their stern but loving mother, and of the passions Tom exhibited to make the world a better place.
The beautifully designed book includes three sets of coloured photographs: the grounds and interior of the McQuesten family home; examples of Ruby’s drawings and watercolours; a representative selection of the local gardens and fountains, restored historical buildings, and provincial and international bridges that form the legacy of Thomas McQuesten. 


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