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Moon Spirit: Love Poems of A Mated Woman

Moon Spirit: Love Poems of A Mated Woman
by Eleanore Kosydar

Publisher: Tierceron Press
Genre: poetry
Format: trade paperback; 72 pages
Price: $9.00

Moon Spirit: Love Poems of a Mated Woman offers the reader stunning black-and-white photographs and sketches that are juxtaposed with poems about family, gardens, nature and, of course, love. Kosydar’s lyrical poems are written in a variety of styles that will engage and captivate the reader. 

The poet believes strongly in the power of love to bring a deep sense of fulfilment and meaning to life. This inspiring collection expresses a wide range of thoughts and feelings about love in its many manifestations, both happy and sad, that reside within us all, while reflecting upon the enduring relationship of a woman and her man.


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