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Sonnets For Sahara Nights

Sonnets For Sahara Nights
by G. W. Down

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: poetry; love poetry
Format: trade paperback; 68 pages
Price: $12.00

Understanding and desire battle for dominance in the oasis of the soul, where fourteen lines can spell the difference between enchantment and reality, between fulfilment and loss. At times haunted by memory, at times reliving the glorious moments of a passionate and enduring love, the speaker in these poems travels through the depths and heights of romance and devotion.
The 65 poems in this collection are written in classical form.
For you who have known true love and revel in it still or now pine for departed lovers, these poems are for you.


“[The poet’s] mixing of Italian and Shakespearean rhyming schemes gives the poems fresh appeal. ... the collection’s greatest strength – an unexpected, extended narrative. With its narrative, character and plot development, exceptional use of language and form, this poetry collection exemplifies the very essence of substance. It has something for every taste.” – Gaiyle J. Connolly, Hamilton poet and artist [full review here]

“As befits the Donne/Eliot approach, unrequited (or rarely requited) love is an invitation to inwardly-reflective thinking on the topic of love … Down’s expressions of love sometimes parallel Donne’s in starting from a simple statement or question and then elaborating on it in more technical or complex terms … Sonnets for Sahara Nights contains much to engage the reader. More than most sonnet sequences, the sixty-five poems of this book tend to reflect on, and amplify, aspects of the others. I recommend it both to enthusiastic readers of poetry, and to enthusiastic believers in romantic love, even if unrequited …” – Kevin McCabe, Ph.D.


What people are saying about this book:

"What an original mind! Intelligence and eroticism, a rare combination. Just to single out a couple (of poems): Across the Years, Heaven Must Be An Ocean." – Jill Downie, award-winning author of the Moretti & Falla mysteries

The author was part of the program for Hamilton's Lit Live online reading series on Sunday, October 4th.