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Offerings in Longing and Love

Offerings in Longing and Love
by Pradeep Kumar

Publisher: Serengeti Press
Genre: poetry
Format: trade paperback; 68 pages
Price: $15.00

This is Pradeep Kumar's first collection in English, although he has been writing poetry in Hindi for many years. Dr. Kumar's short poems on the nature of longing, love and creativity offer the reader much to contemplate.

[Excerpt from the Introduction] "Poems in Spring of Awareness (the first section of this book) are composed in a specific literary genre. Each poem expresses not only pain, sorrow, fear and matters of the external world, but also an awareness of an unknown realm which is beyond body sensations, feelings and thoughts ...
Love is initially a physical sensation, a feeling or thought about something or someone who is known to us. If this love takes its natural course, it then transcends its own boundary. Poems in the second section
Longings and Love attempt to express that unknown love ...
The third and final section of poems,
Nameless Others, deals with a variety of themes including religion, desire, hope, disillusionment and the tragedies of human life."