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Tower Poetry Subscription

Tower Poetry Subscription
by G.W. Down, Editor

Publisher: Tower Poetry Society Press
Genre: Tower Poetry Subscription
Format: chapbook; two issues per year; approx. 40 pages per issue
Price: $12.00

For 65 years the Tower Poetry Society has been publishing some of the finest new English-language poetry. Tower Poetry embraces a wide variety of styles - from sonnets in the classical form to villanelles to entertaining and thought-provoking free verse. 

The book is published twice a year, in January and in June, so a one-year subscription buys two books, delivered to your door or to the person(s) for whom you purchase a gift subscription(s). 

Among regular contributors to Tower Poetry are the well-known and respected Canadian writers James Deahl, Debbie Okun Hill, Joanna Lawson, Norma West Linder and Wendy Visser. 

Although the majority of poems are written by poets who live in Canada, there are often poems from different parts of the world. Recent issues have included poets from Australia, Pakistan, Poland, and Serbia. The Summer 2016 edition (Volume 65, Number 1) includes poets from Sri Lanka and Kentucky, U.S.A. 

The current Editor-in-chief of Tower Poetry is a partner in The Book Band – so we can, of course, heartily recommend this fine poetry periodical!