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Canadian Children’s Annual 1978

Canadian Children’s Annual 1978
by various Canadian authors

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: children’s book; Canadian classic
Format: large format paperback; 176 pages; colour and black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Cover by Ken Danby, "Guelph Carousel"
Poster: Fairy Tales

Celebrating mystery and mysteries!

From the Canadian Native Peoples' legend involving Beaver and Porcupine, and a colourful Gipsy Joe comic, to a Susan Super Sleuth mystery, this edition of the Annual offers readers plenty of intrigue and excitement.

Learn about real-life giants, the awesome Concorde plane, and all about the human tongue.

Fully-illustrated non-fiction articles inform us about Canadian painter Emily Carr, pioneer sod houses in Saskatchewan, the scientist Sir Isaac Newton, and archeology.