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Canadian Children’s Annual 1982

Canadian Children’s Annual 1982
by various Canadian authors

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: children’s book; Canadian classic
Format: large format paperback; 176 pages; colour and black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Cover by Arthur Shilling, "Nine Faces"
Poster: Fact or Fantasy? (monsters)

Fiction + Facts make for lots of Fun in this edition of the Annual.

There are 16 short stores to excite the imagination, along with a telling of the Canadian Native Peoples' legend of the mountain goat.

Illustrated articles explore such diverse topics as puppets and puppeteers, the stone heads of Easter Island, restoration of Viking ships, and the history of writing.

Puzzles, colour comics, fun quotations from literature, and an intriguing Susan Super Sleuth mystery to solve - will keep young readers enthralled.