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Canadian Children’s Annual No. 11 (1985)

Canadian Children’s Annual No. 11 (1985)
by various Canadian authors

Publisher: Potlatch Publications
Genre: children’s book; Canadian classic
Format: large format paperback; 160 pages; colour and black and white illustrations
Price: $9.95

Cover by Zigi (Stardust) Kucharski, "Space Shuttle"

NOTE: The 1985 issue contains an Index to all articles that appear in the previous 10 issues (1975-1984).

Canada's contribution to space exploration is given top billing in this issue of the Annual.

Other articles include the history of chess, the making of cartoons, Canada's buffalo, the Great Wall of China, and the various masks used in sports.

Frog Woman's Gift is a must-read for anyone who enjoys Native lore, mystery, trickery, and a really good story!

An article on Canada's Group of Seven (painters) is accompanied by a reproduction of A.Y. Jackson's painting "Terre Sauvage".

Rounding out this edition are lots of quizzes, puzzles, riddles, comics and a great selection of short poetry.