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A Song With No Words

A Song With No Words
by Rob Ritchie

Publisher: Colpoy Editions
Genre: fiction
Format: paperback; 288 pages
Price: $26.00

What happens when the principal songwriter and lead singer of a folk band can’t focus on his craft anymore? At the height of his career, Christopher Lucan’s writing, always so fresh and profound, seems incomplete and confusing. In addition, his performances on stage have suddenly deteriorated—with wrong notes, jumbled song introductions, and out-of-tune singing.
A Song With No Words follows the descending chronology of a folk singer’s final tour from the contrasting vantage points of each of his bandmates. Their confusion about what is happening to Christopher is made more desperate by the realization that it could mean the end of the band. In this expertly crafted story, the reader is led from the congenial surrounding of concert halls and coffeehouses to a much darker world that had been lurking unexpectedly in the shadow of each and every show. Ritchie’s account of the trials and troubles of touring bands is painfully real, beautifully written, and hauntingly memorable.
Rob Ritchie is the former keyboard player and song writer with the iconic Canadian group Tanglefoot. He lives in Wiarton, Ontario and continues to perform with the Ontario bands RPR, Harp & Holly, and Midnight Blue. A Song With No Words is his third novel.
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