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Acacia’s Diary or How I Create my World

Acacia’s Diary or How I Create my World
by Tania Orton and Renee Sandelowsky

Publisher: Chocolate Books
Genre: fiction; novel
Format: paperback; 170 pages; black and white illustrations
Price: $14.95

Illustrator: Renee Sandelowsky

Wren Bigliamino is an ordinary suburban middle-class woman living an ordinary suburban middle-class life until the day she finds an old diary that completely changes her world. Wren is stunned when she realizes that her own life is inscribed in the diary.

As the diary unfolds, Wren learns about Acacia's world, her unconventional ideas of time, life and reality, and Acacia's final decision ... one that will intertwine their lives forever.

While Acacia's Diary reads as light fiction at first glance, the diary is a serious consideration of life and how one chooses to live it. The juxtaposition of Wren's suburban reality with Acacia's timeless dimension-free existence depicts the enigmatic nature of our lives. Acacia's Diary compels us to reconsider our lives and our place in the universe.