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Between the Sand and the Sea

Between the Sand and the Sea
by Rob Ritchie

Publisher: Colpoy Editions
Genre: Fiction
Format: paperback; 196 pages
Price: $25.00

In this, Ritchie's fourth novel, the reader meets Erin Leith, a 44-year-old schoolteacher who fears that she has led a story-less life. However, for a few hot and hazy summer weeks on a Lake Huron beach, all that is about to change.
Between the Sand and the Sea is one woman's search for belonging, and the vulnerable dance of revealing and concealing one's self that inevitably befalls that pursuit. This is a measured, plot-driven story that focuses on character development at a pace that perfectly matches the small town Great Lake setting and the warm sandy beach during one languid summer.
Rob Ritchie is a writer and musician who lives in Wiarton, Ontario. He is a songwriter and composer and plays keyboards for RPR, Midnight Blue, and the Josh Ritchie Band.
What people are saying about this book:
"Ritchie has created a wonderfully enriching fictional town amidst the very real area he calls home. He's written his characters masterfully; you feel like you know them by the end. ... he focuses on one character instead of many, and offers long, descriptive passages to really understand Leith and what drives her decisions. She's a complex character, and Ritchie doesn't rush to throw her into the rising action... The conversations she has with her daughter are some of the most refreshing exchanges of dialogue I've read in a while." - Jesse Wilkinson, review excerpt, Rrampt Magazine
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