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by Katherine L. Gordon & James Deahl

Publisher: Cyclamens and Swords Publishing
Genre: poetry
Format: trade paperback; 74 pages
Price: $15.00

These descriptive poems by two award-winning poets from Ontario permit the reader to explore a wide variety of landscapes  – including places (the Prairies, “Tuscan House”), nature (“Grasses”, “Tundra Swans”), farm roads, orchards and barns, wild fruits and birds –  as well as the effects weather imposes on what we see (“October Ends in Deluge”, “Driving West in Wet November”). The short, lyrical poems of Katherine L. Gordon gently carry the reader along, while the longer entries – some of them prose poems – from James Deahl offer breathtaking views of scenes both unknown and familiar.


What people are saying about this book:

“To read Landscapes is to experience Canada from the comfort of your armchair.” – Ronnie R. Brown, award-winning poet


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