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Two Paths Through The Seasons

Two Paths Through The Seasons
by Norma West Linder & James Deahl

Publisher: Cyclamens and Swords Publishing
Genre: poetry
Format: trade paperback; 46 pages
Price: $15.00




Cover art: Trilliums at Highland Glen by Norma West Linder



Forty poems – twenty each by Norma West Linder and James Deahl, two of Canada’s foremost poets – take the reader on a journey through times and places that will appeal and enthrall.

A member of the Writers Union of Canada and The Ontario Poetry Society, Linder taught English and Creative Writing at Lambton College, North York, Ontario. She draws vivid word-pictures of scenes from Niagara to Muskoka to Vancouver, and reminisces about the joys of youth, including stolen kisses during her birthday party at age 14.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1945, Deahl moved to Canada in 1970, where he quickly established himself as a poet, editor, and translator (of Chinese poetry). In his section of this book, Deahl takes readers on a journey through the landscapes of the seasons, with rich evocation of places and people.


“…the high standard which [Linder] has maintained throughout her writing career is a credit to contemporary Canadian literature.” – The Observer

“In graceful echoes of the Japanese style, [Deahl] allows the natural world to form the most eloquent syllables of human experience. Deahl is organic, earthy, erotic.” – Sandra Nicholls, Books in Canada



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