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Unbroken Lines: Collected Poetic Prose 1990-2015

Unbroken Lines: Collected Poetic Prose 1990-2015
by James Deahl

Publisher: Lummox Press
Genre: poetry; poetic prose
Format: trade paperback; 131 pages
Price: $20.00






A collection of prose-poems by the talented and prolific poet James Deahl, which highlight this complex poetic style in over 100 offerings. They cover a variety of topics, from places and nature to memories and people. The poems, which Deahl also refers to as “poetic prose”, were written over a 25-year period, between 1990 and 2015.
“Deahl is a poet for whom location is a spiritual debate …”. – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“James Deahl is prolific. More importantly, he never writes the same piece twice.” - Patrick Connors, Canadian poet based in Toronto



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