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Shoo-fly Dyck

Shoo-fly Dyck
by John Janzen Kooistra

Publisher: Catchfire Press
Genre: fiction; novel; sports
Format: trade paperback; 243 pages
Price: $16.95

While Richard `Shoo-fly' Dyck is trying to save the family farm from bankruptcy, it's discovered he has an unusual talent. The Toronto Blue Jays become very interested when they learn this Mennonite workaholic can throw a baseball at more than 100 miles per hour - using either arm. But Shoo-fly doesn't think that's at all significant or important. Meanwhile, an ex-prostitute is stalked across Canada while trying to escape her past, and in Shoo-fly's home town the course of true love is fraught with many obstacles. An entertaining off-beat blend of pathos and high comedy.