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Shoo-fly Dyck

Shoo-fly Dyck
by John Janzen Kooistra

Publisher: Catchfire Press
Genre: fiction; novel; sports
Format: trade paperback; 243 pages
Price: $16.95

A Mennonite workaholic, Richard `Shoo-fly' Dyck is trying to save the family farm from bankruptcy. But the some-time farmer has an unusual talent: he can throw a baseball at more than 100 miles per hour – using either arm. The Toronto Blue Jays become very interested but Shoo-fly doesn't think that's at all significant or important. Will Shoo-fly accept a career in baseball? Will the farm be saved? Meanwhile, an ex-prostitute is stalked across Canada while trying to escape her past, and in Shoo-fly's home town of Virgil, Ontario the course of true love is fraught with many obstacles. An entertaining off-beat blend of pathos and high comedy.


What people are saying about this book
“Among the many things I liked … was the nice balance between seriousness and humour. There are some real swings of emotion in the book – something that I like in a story.” – Mary Merikle, The New Quarterly