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No Poverty Between the Sheets

No Poverty Between the Sheets
by Pauline Kiely

Publisher: A Passionate Pen Publishing
Genre: memoir
Format: trade paperback; b&w photographs; 273 pages
Price: $30.00


This sassy memoir captures the voices and antics of the author’s half-Irish, half-French Canadian family. It starts in 1961 with Pauline’s birth. From there, we learn of her extended family, her Dad’s love of cars, her love of horses, summer holidays at Frog Island, and an important visit to Ireland to meet Granny Kiely, who provides the title for this book. Pauline’s journey from youngster to married woman is told in a rollicking style, with lots of sharp Irish repartee and liberally sprinkled with Irish sayings and colloquialisms. This story is about growing up in a large Irish/French Canadian family in the Ontario of the 1960s and 70s. But most of all, it’s a story about love  –  in all its variety and complications.

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