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Ricochet Rodeo

Ricochet Rodeo
by Pauline Kiely

Publisher: A Passionate Pen Publishing
Genre: memoir
Format: trade paperback; b&w photographs; 224 pages
Price: $30.00 CAN

This sequel to No Poverty Between the Sheets continues the rollercoaster memoir of the author’s adult life as a wife and mother, along with those of her half-Irish, half-French Canadian family. Tumultuous life events such as births, deaths, divorces, and becoming a grandmother, along with battles with alcoholism, are told with complete honesty—often coloured by gentle humour. The author freely admits that some names and facts have been slightly altered in this memoir, and that the writing reflects her personal perspective. Most importantly, her saga continues to focus on love – the love of immediate family, of close relations and friends, and of life in all its variety.  



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